50 His mercy extends to those who fear him,
from generation to generation.

51 He has  performed mighty deeds with his arm;
he has scattered those who are proud in their  inmost thoughts.
52  He has brought down rulers from their thrones
but has lifted up the humble.
53  He has filled the hungry with good
thingsbut has sent the rich away empty.

 Luke 1:50-53  NIV
Mary’s life was changing drastically. Accusation and injustice would plague her. Danger would pursue her son through powerful people. She needed to know that God was in control of every  situation she would face. She needed to know that all she had to do was obey  God, and He would have her back. God filled her mouth with the words she needed
to hear. She knew of God’s power and spoke words of encouragement into her own life.

 She would need mercy. She was pregnant out of wedlock. Under the law she could have been punished by death. Of course, she was not in violation. She was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, but the people who would decide punishment did not know that. God knew what man did not. God knew she was in His will. She feared God, and He made sure she was
spared man’s punishment. She already knew “God extends mercy to those who fear Him.” She had the faith to fear God over  men.

 Early in Jesus life, Joseph and Mary had to flee to Egypt to escape a king, even Jesus is the King of Kings. It may have looked bad. How can they face the wrath of a king? But Mary already knew God “has brought down rulers from their thrones.” She could face being chased by a king, because she knew, if necessary, God could remove him.

 I imagine the trip to Egypt with a small child could be costly. Just having a small child is costly. I know. I have some, but Mary already knew God “has filled the hungry with good things.” How amazing is it that God sent wise men with valuable gifts for the Christ child? 

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word.” (Romans 10:17 NKJV) As Mary spoke these words, she heard them and her faith was increased for the situations she would face in her life. As we speak God’s word, we are building our faith. We don’t know what situations we may face. Let’s build our faith by speaking God’s word now, so we are ready
face every situation in our lives.

Tomorrow's reading is Luke 1:54-56.